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It’s not the destination it’s the journey.

As some of you will join this app and engage in the new adventure of archery. My opening sentence was told to me by my son the other day when I told him it was a long way to go. Just like in any sport there are times of joy and happiness even greatness and sometimes we hit a funk or lose a bit of ourselfs. But with that we always tell our kids to find that path that destination but they need to find and enjoy the journey first. Just like us parents were enjoying this journey with our kids. And I thank you for being part of mine and the clubs journey.
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Looking forward to the start of the season!! If you haven’t done the safety meeting we will get that done at the first practice.

Working on getting website up to date, sign up Oct 19th 10:00-2:00 please get signed up! Angela will be sending out all info with in the week